3 Awesome Tools For Staying On Top Of All Your Connections

How To Stay On Top Of Your Connections With These Tools

With so many social media networks, and plenty of places to meet great people, keeping up to date with new connections can be tough and time consuming.

Thankfully, there are some free and very practical websites that can help you to deal with this. I’ve just started to try out these services to see how useful they really are. Considering I’ve now been using them for about one week, here is my review on how they can help.


Five Hundred Plus allows you to place your contacts into columns for every week or month, reminding you to email or call them to stay in touch.

Image of Five Hundred Plus - The website that helps you stay on top of your linkedin connections

The best way I feel to use this is to add any top people you need to keep in contact with in a monthly column. So for example, this could be top influencers in your industry. Or perhaps you had an email exchange with a new connection and said you’d reach back out to them in a few months. This is a perfect tool to follow up with an interaction like that.



With this website, it allows you to get detailed information on every one of your gmail contacts in the sidebar of Gmail. By detailed information, you can find out their social media accounts, where they work, and other contact details (Skype, Website, etc).

An Image of Rapportive - The gmail widget that helps you to keep on top of your connections

Use this software to stay up to date on key details of your current contacts and start to follow them on whichever social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc). In the future, be sure to use Rapportive to follow up on any new email contacts. It’s an efficient way of staying in touch. This is a very useful Chrome Extension.


Newsle is perfect if you have top entrepreneurs, business leaders, or any kind of influencer that you would like to stay up to date on what they are doing. Just login through this service and it will let you know when any of your contacts have written an article, or are in the news.


This service is very useful because it allows you to become more engaged on what your contacts are doing. The way I’m planning on using this is now that any new blogs by my connections will appear in one stream, I’ll use this opportunity to be proactive in commenting on their blogs and interacting with them more.

Of course, this could be done by following them on Twitter, reading their tweets, or reading their Facebook posts. But considering my time is very limited, having all this information in one stream on Newsle will save me time.

Final Thoughts

In the coming months I’ll post a review to show I’ve got on with each of these platforms and if they’ve helped me to keep on top of my connections. Just from my initial first week of using these platforms, I’m very optimistic they will help. The platforms are easy to use, free, and I think they will no doubt help me.



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