6 Places To Find Content To Help Inspire Your Next Blog

Having a blog for you small business is great for a variety of reasons, like SEO and user engagement. However, sometime it can be difficult to know what to write about. When this happens, what I like to do is look around at some of the top blogs and see what kind of content they are producing that people seem to be enjoying and engaging with.

So, to help you, below I have listed all the tools I have tried and tested over the years to help


Pocket is an app that allows you to save articles you find online to read later. It even lets you know of any stories that are popular and trending.

If you’re in charge of blogging and creating content for your company, use this app to find interesting articles that you’d like to save, read later, and write a response, or even a ‘how-to’ guide about.

How You Can Use The App, Pocket, to Find and Create Content


Topsy is a cool web app that allows you to find top stories based around a topic (i.e. startups, football, etc). It’s quite handy as it doesn’t analyse just text but also looks at links, tweets, photos, videos and influencers all around that subject. As you’d expect, the best and most current content gets featured higher up the search rankings while also mentioning how many people all over social media are talking about it.

Topsy earns bonus points for its social analytics and social trends, which could be great seeds for ideas on your next piece of content.



Similar to Topsy, BuzzSumo is an awesome platform which finds articles based on certain topics (e.g. content marketing), analyses how many times they’ve been shared on social networks and compiles it all into one, really easy-to-read dashboard. Of course, as relevant and up to date blogs and content are important, BuzzSumo shares the dates that posts were published. It’s useful as it helps you to see what content is popular and doing well. I really am a big fan of their dashboard, particularly as they have the option to export the data.


I’ve actually used Feedly before to help get inspiration for writing articles for a magazine. A good way to use Feedly for blog writing it to add the rss feed from your most popular blogs to Feedly. Then, when the time comes for blog writing, go into your Feedly account and see what your favourite bloggers have been writing about recently. It can really help to inspire you.

Feedly also has a search option where you can look for pieces of content based around a particular hashtag. I have yet to try this, but it sounds very promising!



Here at Digital Heart, we’ve just started to post content on Slideshare. It’s also an incredible place to find top quality original content. If you’re looking to create content around digital marketing, then Slideshare is the place for you. As all the content on Slideshare is visual (graphs, infographics, picture), it makes it easier for your audience to absorb information (and make it more shareable than just text).

On the Slideshare homepage, the most popular presentations are displayed, as well as presentations based around a variety of topics. So even just the homepage is a very useful place to find great information to inspire your next piece of content.



This is an app I’ve had on my phone for a while now. Flipboard is essentially your personal magazine. It looks at your hobbies/interests, and from there it creates a book of content tailored to you. I enjoy this app a lot, and it’s perfect to use for when you’re struggling to come up with ideas for blogs.



In part 2, we’ll cover some examples of how to use these tools.

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