End of year book recommendations

In early October 2014 a family emergency required my presence in Israel, so I dropped everything and flew there for a week. It turned out to be an important visit. In addition to spending precious time with my dear family and friends, two other events took place that had changed the course of the last… Read more »

5 failures that cause small businesses to suffer from bad websites

I’m writing a guide which will list the things people should be aware of when planning a new website for their business. It will help them to understand the processes, the types of work and outputs they should expect from their chosen suppliers, and the things they are responsible for as leaders and drivers of their businesses and therefore should not leave to chance.

What’s a CRM system and do I need one for my small business?

CRM stands for Contact Relationship Management. These days a CRM is likely to be a web application, or software you can install on your computer or server.

Do you need one? if you manage a small business or charity that wishes to build an ongoing relationship with your contacts (most businesses do because it take less effort to get repeat business than to get new business), then the answer is a resounding YES.