John Whiting

How To Create Wireframes

A Guide On How To Create Wireframes A wireframe for a website is a visual guide (it can either be computer generated or sketched), that helps to give you a rough idea of the layout and structure of your website. Wireframes can be: A simple hand-drawing on paper A black-and-white PDF A basic clickable website… Read more »

My 5 Favourite Web Design Articles Of The Week

This week in my weekly roundup I’ve picked out five of my favourite web design blogs displaying innovative solutions and ideas that small businesses could experiment with on their online presence. I enjoy seeing new trends in design and how small and large companies use these design trends to increase user engagement and sales. Take… Read more »

A Guide On How To Blog Efficiently – Part 1

Nowadays, blogging is an essential part of a company’s brand online. Not only does it help for SEO purposes and bringing in more traffic and potential customers, but it allows you to talk more about your brand. Perhaps there are areas you’d like to highlight about your company, such as the environmental or charitable work… Read more »

A Guide To WordPress Security For Small Businesses

After recently writing about a variety of plugins we recommend small businesses should install on their website, I realised that having a security plugin is very important, and that website security deserves its own blog post. Not only can websites suffer from traffic and sales losses when hacked, but the loss of credibility can be… Read more »