Weekly Roundup – The Best WordPress Plugins For Small Businesses – Part 2

Last week, I went over a few plugins that I believe all small businesses should use on their WordPress website (particularly the SEO plugin). However, as there are many great plugins, I couldn’t cover them all in one long blog post. So for this post, I’m continuing on and covering more of the best wordpress plugins small businesses should be using.

AB Press Optimizer


This is a plugin I’ve used frequently over the last few months. Once AB Press Optimizer is installed, it gives you split testing capabilities in WordPress. Incase you don’t know what AB Testing (or split testing) is, it’s a process where you compare two to three different web pages to see how they perform against each other. You can compare the two different web pages by showing the two different styles to website visitors at the same time. You can measure by email signups, sales, etc. But overall, the page that converts better, wins!

Some of the features you are able to split test are different images on blogs, your homepage, landing page forms, and even headlines.

The reason this plugin is useful for small businesses is that it supports informed decision making: Instead of playing a guessing game on what you think is or isn’t working, you can test, measure, and see quantifiable results. AB Press Optimiser costs $49, but if you have it in your budget, ask your web developer to install and set it up as it’s worth the money.

AB Press Optimiser


Redirection is a great plugin for managing 301 redirections, and keeping track of 404 errors.

301 redirection is a way to tell search engines your web pages addresses have changed, so that you don’t lose traffic when you launch a new website.

404 errors are the error message that shows up when the webpage you are trying to load can’t be foundyou don’t want your site littered with 404 errors. It’s not helpful for customers to end up on these errors, and they are more likely to click off the entire site if they end up on a broken link error page.

If you are a small business that is migrating pages from an old website into a new website, then this plugin can be useful to you. There’s nothing too fancy about this plugin, but it does a great job in dealing with 301 redirect and 404 error issues.


Wordfence Security


With more news coverage on websites getting hacked, website security is something everyone needs. Considering your website is your business’s shop window, or even the shop itself (if you sell online) and where new customers find your business, you need to protect your website as much as possible.

Setting up this plugin is quite straightforward. You install it like any other WordPress plugin, and then it gives you a brief tour of all the features. Interestingly, once installed, it first runs preliminary checks to see if your website is already infected, or if there are potential security holes in the system.

It’s a very highly rated plugin and extremely reliable. In my next blog, i’ll be talking more about website security and why it’s now more important than ever. I suggest you talk with your web developer about security issues and how best you can protect your business.

Using WordFence Security for your WordPress site

Content Click

Content Click is a tool I’ve started to test out over the last month to see what impact it can have on user engagement. This piece of software is focussed on helping you to create interactive content for your website. When I say interactive content, I mean quizzes, polls, contests, ‘can you guess?’ competitions, and more.

Using such things on your website can have a dramatic effect. For example, let’s say you have a travel company that specialises in booking unique holiday experiences. You may already have a blog. However, you could take it to the next level by creating quizzes around topics such as “What Type Of Holiday Should I Go On Next”. Once a site visitor starts using the quiz, it’s very easy to get sucked-in and complete the whole thing. Then, at the end, to get their answer they need to submit their email address. So not only does it boost site engagement, but you can also build an email list with it.

It’s a fun and engaging piece of software that I thoroughly enjoy using, and it could compliment the blog section on your website quite nicely.

And the icing on the cake: this type of content has high virality potential, because people like sharing fun stuff on social media. So don’t forget to make it easy to share.



W3 Total Cache

Website speed is an important factor that should be near the top of your priorities when working on your website. If your site is too slow, most people will hit the back button in the browser and find another site to buy a product. This is where W3 Total Cache comes in.

It’s a plugin I install every time I’m setting up a new website. In terms of explaining what it does for the average business owner, it can be complex. But in short, in will improve your site performance by at least 10 times, it will compress images so they don’t take up as much space, and consequently this results in your website loading quicker than before.


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