An Easy Way To Create A Customer Persona

Learn how to create a customer persona with Hubspot's new tool

Earlier this week, we discovered this fantastic tool by HubSpot that allows you to create a Customer Persona in minutes. This is a B2B tool, so suits businesses that sell products and services to other business professionals.

The principles, however, are similar when creating personas of consumers.

“A customer persona is an archetype of an individual fictional character, preferably based on research, not just intuition. They encourage businesses to relate to customers as human beings and create products and services from a customer-centric perspective.” (Elite Avner Marriott) Read More

The Customer Persona creation tool takes you through an interactive form that asks questions such as:

  • What is the name of your persona (fictional name)?
  • What is their job role or title? which industry?
  • How is their job measured? who do they report to or manage?
  • What does your persona use or need? (CRM? Organisational tools?)
  • What are their main goals and challenges?
  • How do they research and make purchasing decisions?
  • and so on.

These questions will help you to understand the customers you already have and potential new customers in an insightful way, allowing you to craft marketing text based on the needs, wants and aspirations of your ideal customer.

Create a Customer persona with Hubspot's new tool

If you create a customer persona, it can also aid with:

  • Focussing your target audience/demographic
  • Understanding the entire buying journey process rather than just the purchasing stage, and their real needs at every stage.
  • Attracting customers with messages and designs that are appropriate to them specifically

You may have many different types of personas using your products/services, but it’s better to start with just a handful of the most important customer segments in terms of size and/or spend.

As well as the HubSpot tool, we have our own template persona blog (see below) you can download for free – Click here to download.

It’s available in PowerPoint format that allows you to change the background image and replace all the text with your own.

create a customer persona with our free template

An example customer persona you can download for free

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