Finally, a marketing plan for my small business Digital Heart!

Christmas Gift to Digital Heart

Christmas Gift to Digital HeartFirst Christmas for Digital Heart. It’s an exciting occasion and the perfect time to take stock.
It’s only been six months since Digital Heart was born, it’s new, it’s small, and it’s mine. This feels good. So, which 10 things can I say have been achieved so far?

  1. Market research – check!
  2. Proposition: several iteration – check!
  3. Website: initial website launched and redesign in progress – check!
  4. Social: Google+, Facebook page and Twitter profiles created – check!
  5. Clients: first ever clients on the books – check!
  6. Invoices: first batch processed – check!
  7. Customer feedback: first surveys filled in and analysed – check!
  8. Sales Funnel identified – check!
  9. Accounts: registered with tax man – check!
  10. Marketing plan – hmmm, it’s in the schedule but keep being pushed back.
  11. Oh, no marketing plan? that can’t be a good thing right?

I have pushed this back again and again over the last few months and have been dipping in and out of marketing activities with no plan to follow. Why? For one, I had too much work to do for clients. Secondly, I didn’t know what to focus my marketing on – the bain of my existence in the last few months, years even, is not knowing in which direction to take my varied digital skills. If I market Digital Heart as a website consultancy, does this mean I can’t take on CRM projects? if I focus on CRM, does it mean I can’t offer digital strategy services? can I be a consultant and still manage projects?

My friend and teacher Opher Brayer gave me a serious look on Skype a couple of weeks ago when I confessed I hadn’t done much marketing at all. I take his serious looks seriously, and he always has sound advice. With clients and prospects gearing up for the holiday period, I decided to consciously reduce the amount of meetings and networking, and tie myself to the desk to write up a marketing plan. My Christmas present to Digital Heart…

It was actually pretty simple to do, and I scheduled every task right away and started to implement it immediately. It’s actually rather exciting! I’m especially excited about my new website’s design which I’m doing myself – but that’s worth a blog post all for itself.

I’m going to be very brave and share a compressed version of my plan with you. Is this marketing schedule complete? what’s missing? Here it goes!

Area Task Frequency
Advertising Find out costs for relevant magazine ads One-off
Advertising Create profiles on local community websites One-off
Advertising Prepare flyers for local noticeboards One-off
Advertising Check pricing for local newsletters/magazines One-off
Advertising Google Adwords Monthly
Networking Various events Fortnightly
Networking LinkedIn Groups activities Fortnightly
Online Profiles Create profiles on Elance, oDesk & People per Hour One-off
Online Profiles Create alerts for relevant opportunities One-off
Online Profiles Bid for relevant opportunities Weekly
SEO SEO Audit One-off
SEO Optimise my web pages Weekly
SEO Backlinking Weekly
Social Media Daily Tweet Daily
Social Media Blog Fortnightly
Social Media Google+, Facebook & LinkedIn updates Weekly
Website Improve existing design and conversion One-off
Website About Us page – improve One-off
Website Add Testimonials Monthly
Website Move from WIX to WordPress One-off
Website Increase visibility of Contact forms and telephone One-off
Website Create and publish regular Video posts Monthly
White Paper Create paper on how to manage a website project for minimal budget One-off
White Paper Create paper on how to manage a CRM project for minimal budget One-off

















Fortnightly blog post, last one in 2013 – check!
And now back to work, so much to do…

First published December 12, 2013

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