How To Make Your Content Stand Out Better With These 6 Tools

How To Make Your Content Stand Out Better With These 6 Tools

Over the last few years, you may have noticed more graphics such as infographics becoming more present in social media, on blogs, and generally just all over the web.

This new form of content is also being used more and more by small (and large) businesses. The reason is due to the fact that data (statistics, numbers, facts) help to create trust, and our brains engage better with visual stories. So by combining data and graphics, you create the perfect piece of media that has the best chance of engaging your audience.

Something we will be experimenting with a Digital Heart is turning some of our content, like our ‘How To Find The Perfect Web Developer’ into infographics. As finding a good developer is a process, we believe this step by step guide will fit nicely into a visual infographic. Hopefully, moving forward we’ll be able to analyse the impact this has.

 For me, I always wondered how I could create them. I don’t have the graphics skills myself, and considering the amount of infographics I wanted made, it would a cost a lot of money to hire someone to do this.

 Thankfully, some awesome online services have popped up with the rise of the infographic trend, and now anyone can start to make good graphics.

This tool allows you to build some incredible and fantastic looking infographics. The service already has templates where all you have to do is enter the information (numbers, statistics, quotes etc).

 This is a tool I have been testing, and it’s very useful. According to InfoGram, Data creates trust, and our brains engage better with visual stories. Telling your story with visual data makes you positively stand out.

In terms of ideas on what small businesses could use infographics for, the possibilities are endless! You could use add in data about your company and show how its grown over the last few years (showing the increase in Twitter & Facebook followers)



Similar to Infogram, Piktochart is an infographic creator. It will turn any statistics and data into a real work of art. I actually signed up to their email because they offer some very useful tips on how to make your infographic as good as possible.

Piktochart - An Awesome Tool For Small Businesses To Use



Even though there are fantastic tools like Infogram and Piktochart that make it easy to create infographics, sometimes we just don’t have time to dedicate to making them.

This is where Visually helps out. You can visit the Visually marketplace and find graphic designers to do the work for you. The best thing is that they do the work for reasonable prices. Not only do they create infographics, but they also create presentations and videos. 

Even though the pricing is discounted (compared to agencies), it’s still a significant investment, particularly for small businesses. We recommend using this service for something big, such as to help promote a product launch.




I love using Canva, Recently, I’ve needed to create some Twitter and Facebook header images. Canva has an incredibly useful interface. It’s all drag and drop, perfect to use if you’re a beginner at design. It also has the right dimensions for graphics like Facebook and Twitter banners set out on templates. Canva is free, however certain stock photos cost money, but they are very reasonably priced ($1).




Powtoon is a tool we actually wrote about in a blog last week. It’s a piece of software that allows you to create animated videos. You could create a video explaining what your business is about in a short, 1 minute animated clip. Or even make a video for a landing page. With this simple to use software, by creating an animated video yourself, you can really save yourself a lot of money. Also, once youre finished making your video, you can upload it straight to youTube through the software.




Quality graphics can dramatically impact and boost your market, especially on social media. This web service can help with this. BeFunky is the most simple to use image editing website around. It has useful features that you’d find in Photoshop such as the ability to add text, resize elements, add filters, and much more.

Befunky - An online picture editing tool that small businesses can use

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