Local Market Research Survey – I’m going out into the streets of St. Margarets today

Digital Heart surveyToday is the big day – I’ve prepared a “web presence” market research survey, with the purpose of gaging what small businesses in my village think about their websites, what they know about SEO, whether or not they have a digital marketing strategy, how much they are willing to invest etc.
I assume St. Margarets has a fair representation of small businesses in Greater London, and so I intend on applying the results across the whole region. This will help me identify a niche and project potential revenues based on the size of the market, the portion of it I may approach with my proposition, and the market’s willingness to pay certain prices.

If I’m going to offer digital strategy for small businesses, I should learn all about them and literally know what they know and what they don’t know.

I’ve got some printed copies of the survey, and I’m hoping to find willing local shop owners to sit down and complete it with me. Hopefully they won’t think it’s a sales pitch – at this point it really isn’t.

Added value of researching my local market in this way: I’ll get to know the locals – St. Margarets is such a lovely place, and we moved here only 6 months ago, so we don’t know that many people yet. Another benefit is that through simply chatting with small business owners about their own experiences, I might be able to learn something – after all, this is my first attempt at it myself!

Wherever you may live in the UK, if you are a small business owner or you work for a charity, you can help too by filling in the web presence research form, or if you know somebody else do forward this article to them – every opinion counts, and the survey can be filled in annonymously.

First published 19 June, 2013

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