5 Subreddits Every UX / Web Designer Should Subscribe To

Reddit is a diverse online community that is commonly referred to as the ‘front page’ of the internet. This is where you can find out what people are talking about. A lot of news items appear on Reddit first. It’s also a rather supportive community of people who like to take part in conversation – and it can get pretty geeky! Let’s just say there are many Starwars fans amongst the regulars.

There are hundreds of thousands of ‘subreddits’ where individual discussions happen around a variety of topics including culture, business, investing, sports, learning, and technology. Some of our favourite subreddits are on web/UX design. There are plenty of groups to attract the attention of web designers, but I’ve found some of the very best which can help you receive feedback on designs, learn new things, and much more.

Let’s dive into my favourite UX/web design subreddits!

1. /r/UserExperienceDesign  

Use this as a reddit for thoughts or resources about User Experience (UX), Information Architecture (IA) or Interaction Design (ID).

From resources like UX checklists, advice about the UX job industry, content about the future of UX, and even awesome articles such as this one – How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist.

2. /r/design_critiques

Have you ever tried and found it difficult to find user feedback for your website? Maybe you’ve emailed friends and family but only received a detailed response several weeks late. That isn’t ideal, especially if feedback is required urgently. The beauty of reddit is there’s almost always someone online within your sub reddit. That’s why I’m a big fan of the Design Critique subreddit. You can receive quick feedback from a group of designers. All you need to do is, explain what the project ism who you are designing for and wait for the comments to roll in.

3. /r/VRUI (Virtual Reality User Experience)

Although not completely relevant for most UX designers, I stumbled across this subreddit dedicated to collecting and discussing resources for user interface within virtual reality environments.  As virtual reality becomes more mainstream it will significantly influence website design. This subreddit focuses on anything relevant to virtual reality such as user experience of VR demos, product news, research, and other discussion points.

Who knows the extent of the impact virtual reality will have on the way we consume online content. After all, it has only been 9 years since the first smartphone was launched. Think about how mobile has transformed web design in such a short time. Nowadays, many businesses choose to create their website for mobile traffic first…

4. /r/userexperience 

With over 14,000 readers/subscribers, this subreddit is one of the most popular and active on the topic of user experience. There is plenty of information from articles, research papers and designers sharing their experiences on all topics related to UX. Topics include:

  • How to get a foot on the ladder in the UX design industry
  • What it’s like to work with businesses that only have a small budget to dedicate to UX. What is the best way to deal with the situation?
  • Website analysis such as this UI/UX teardown of the “MY EBAY” section on eBay.

5. /r/talesfromdesigners 

We all need a bit of fun to cheer up our day whilst we forever keep working away at our websites. This is a subreddit showcasing funny, embarrassing or depressing design related stories. Maybe you have an experience to add!


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If you haven’t already embraced Reddit as a designer; then now is the time to do so. Start by subscribing to the sub-reddits I’ve mentioned above.

Are there any other web design/UX subreddits you recommend? Tell us more about them in the comments below.


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