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An Analysis Of Web Design & Content Development In The Plumbing Industry (Part 2)

For Part 1, click here! Content Development When it comes to plumbing businesses, many people think creating content is not necessarily worthwhile, considering that they are likely to get most of their customers from referrals. However, I really do think there is content that plumbing sites can create to attract customers. For example, by keeping… Read more »

About The Lean Startup, Agile Project Management, and how approaches to business can affect people

Thoughts of project management – traditional and agile. I’m reading and learning about “lean” and “agile”, and it’s exciting and very interesting to me, because just as I know the benefits of managing projects in traditional ways first hand, so I have noted the weaknesses of these approaches from time to time. Especially in relation to complex commercial website development projects.

Should small businesses engage in social media campaigns?

Should small businesses invest time and money into social media? it doesn’t always work – One interesting anecdote is the failed Pepsi campaign on social media a couple of years ago. Pepsi had invested millions in social-responsibility campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, at the expense of traditional media such as TV ads. So what should we do as small businesses?