An Analysis Of Web Design & Content Development In The Plumbing Industry (Part 2)

An Analysis Of Web Design In The Plumbing Industry Part 2 with Digital Hearts

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Content Development

When it comes to plumbing businesses, many people think creating content is not necessarily worthwhile, considering that they are likely to get most of their customers from referrals.

However, I really do think there is content that plumbing sites can create to attract customers. For example, by keeping a blog up to date it will help them to rank better on Google so when a prospective client needs a plumber and searches Google, they’ll appear closer to the top of the page. Content could also help position the company as a leader in its field.

Now, in terms of content, what could plumbing companies write about that would interest people? Here are some ideas:

Simple ‘How-to’ guides on:

  • How to install a certain piece of equipment
  • An explanation of how a particular piece of technology works
  • A ’Boiler tips for homeowners’
  • What to do if…

Generally, ‘how-to’ videos and tutorials are very popular on the web. They can stay current for a long time if they deal with issues that tend to stay current. And nowadays, whenever you don’t know something, a quick Google Search will find your answer.

A good example of ‘how-to’ videos in the plumbing industry is this YouTube Channel by Worcester, Bosch Group. Not only do they provide ‘how-to’ guides, but they provide testimonials, they show their latest tv commercials, and even videos on their new products and how to use them.

Worcester Bosch YouTube Channel

A video is also a good way of explaining the benefits of your services in an engaging way, which makes promotional videos a good idea (if done well). It’s easier to watch a video than to read a lot of text, and you can use several types of message types – text, audio and visual, so the viewer’s brain will digest your key messages in different ways, helping it to sink in deeper.

Check out Express Boilers, based in Middlesex. They produced this fun promotional video. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea!

Of course, the average plumbing company with just a few employees and a limited budget may believe that blogging and creating videos is beyond their means. It is true that it can take time to produce such content and it can be expensive. But there are good alternatives out there.




PowToon is a fantastic website that allows you to create awesome animated videos and presentations.

These animated videos are generally quite straight forward to make. Instead of jumping straight in, I would recommend following these steps:

Step 1: What’s the big idea?

Start by thinking of an overall concept for your animated video. And then think about these questions.

  • What’s the main theme of your video?
  • What do you hope to accomplish?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the key messages you wish to convey?

Step 2: Refine Your Idea:

  • List all the points you want to cover
  • Create an outline of your video (story-board)
  • Decide on a tone and theme
  • Write the  script (try to keep it short – up to a minute or a minute and a half is plenty)

Step 3: Using Powtoons, create your video

Step 4: Show the video to someone who will give a fair, honest and helpful feedback

Step 5: Share it.

  • Upload it to YouTube, have it featured on the homepage of your website.

This is a very basic outline of how to make a video, but the steps are understandable, and using the PowToons software, you should be able to create something that will be good for your website.

If you’re struggling with how a Powtoon could be used for a plumbing company, I always find it useful to look at examples from other companies. Have a look at these:

Final Thoughts

We felt analysing a niche like this was very interesting and it delivered some hopefully useful insights. This was quite an in depth blog, but in conclusion, there are plenty of areas companies in this industry could improve on. Changes don’t have to be sudden or dramatic, as everyone has limited time. But beginning to ponder and think about how strategies like this could impact your business is a valuable process in itself.

Perhaps start looking towards creating a new website for your company. And if it’s the right time, how best to approach it (building the site yourself, or hiring a web developer etc).

Or consider setting up social media accounts, adding a Twitter Banner and your logo, following a few of your current clients and starting from there. You could be the go-to-guys for anything plumbing related!

Seeing many companies with outdated websites, no social media activity and no content (blogging) shows me that there are plenty of areas where improvements could happen. Imagine:

Even if one company out of the 17 we researched began implementing these strategies for just one year, wouldn’t it be fascinating to see what the results are in a year’s time? Would they leave everyone else far behind?

We’re hoping to analyse and cover more industries in future blogs, so stay tuned!


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