Weekly Roundup – How To Considerably Boost Efficiency As A Small Business

Earlier this week on the Digital Heart blog, we looked at how to boost efficiency by using Google Docs and how it can help to streamline your workflow in your business. However, you can’t just rely on software. You need to make changes personally to improve efficiency.

For myself, I started getting better at to-do-lists back in January, and since then my productivity has shot through the roof! The first 4 – 6 weeks are tough as you can easily get sidetracked by answering emails etc, but it gets easier…

4 Blogs That Will Boost Efficiency Within Your Company

So here are 4 blogs I’ve picked out this week that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and I believe offer great value. But don’t work too hard!

31 Tips for Perfecting Your Productivity

As the title suggests, this post offers 31 personal tips from small business owners on how to maximize your time. From to-do-lists to exercise, delegation and goal-setting, there’s something here for everyone.

I highly suggest reading through the tips in this blog and seeing which resonate with you.

6 Life Hacks Learned in Prison That Will Maximize Your Productivity

I have to admit that the title of this post caught my eye and I couldn’t not click it! In the famous case of Piper Kerman who wrote Orange Is The New Black (award winning TV series on life in prison), for some people prison can be a productive time! The author, Andrew, talks about how he was sentenced to prison for 2 – 5 years for a bar fight a few years prior, so he made the decision to make his time behind bars the most productive period of his life.

Andrew discusses how in prison he learned to:

  • Be an early riser.
  • Write every day.
  • Write to communicate effectively.
  • Read every day.
  • Bootstrap like an inmate (as prison is expensive)
  • Beat the system from within (learning to bend the rules)

All of these aspects have helped to make him the productive entrepreneur he is today.


5 Simple Low-Tech Hacks for Boosting Your Productivity

Sometimes, going back to basics can make the biggest difference on our productivity.

For example,  if you set yourself a bedtime and stick to it you’ll wake up in the morning feeling more alert and pleased with yourself. Another simple trick – maintaining good posture will help to improve blood flow around your body and mitigate the risk of back pain and even obesity.

I’m not a huge coffee or caffeine drinker myself, but if you do need an energy boost in the morning, this article suggests drinking coffee at 10:30am. It’s back up by research which is quite fascinating!


10 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Productivity In 2015

I’m a big fan of this article because it focuses on simplicity. There are no exciting techniques to boost your productivity here other than simple tasks that people often overlook.

For instance, deciding on the one thing that will get you ahead in your career or life. I, myself, am learning to code in my spare time as I see that as a valuable skillset to my goals. So I have made a plan of how and when to incorporate learning into my daily life.

This article suggests that every day you should plan your top 3 things that need to be done that day. I agree with this. If you want to make your small business more efficient, why not ask your employees at the start of each day to write down the top three things they need to get done. This will help them avoid spending too much time on small, unimportant tasks.

As no one can operate at 100% work capacity for 8 hours, this article recommends to take short breaks throughout the day. From standing up and walking around the office, to taking a walk in a local park. It may be something you could suggest to  your employees from time to time to overcome stress and other unproductive periods. Staring at a computer screen all day doesn’t boost efficiency, that’s for sure!


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