WIX or WordPress?

The world is annoying me

The world is annoying meWordPress has been known to me for several years. I set up my first blog on WordPress (The World Is Annoying Me – no longer updated), and even a couple of anonymous picture blogs (they’re anonymous, I can’t tell you what they’re called!).

When I got my first smart phone everything about blogging fell into place – being able to take a photo and write up my thoughts for the day, all on the way to or from work during my daily commute, was brilliant. Not only did the ease of use mean I was blogging more, but I was actually taking more pictures, taking more moments to observe the outer and inner world, and be creative. Blogging as a creative outlet has obvious benefits.

We all know WordPress is a very popular platform in its free model which provides a huge number of basic templates and fairly straight forward editing interface, and that it can also be customised and modified according to business needs – as long as you get premium templates and have a good developer to hand.

So when I decided to break away from my last employer and set up on my own, I had an option to simply go for what I knew and build my own website (www.digital-heart.co.uk) on this familiar platform. Or I could try something new. If it works, I’d have another egg for my digital-consultancy-to-small-businesses basket, right?

WIXSo I’ve tried something new – WIX. Recommended by some and hated by most (at least most WordPress experts…).

It’s definitely got its set backs, but WIX does allow me to completely modify a template without the need for one line of code. So far, it’s not too bad! The main issue with it is that if (or rather, when) I want to move on to another platform, or even just to another template, I can’t. At least not easily.
Unlike WordPress and quite franky most off-the-shelf website platforms, there is no migrating of data, or simple switching of templates with WIX. So I’m a bit stuck with it.

Hmmm… so far so good though! for small businesses, I think it could do fine. Hope I don’t end up regretting it.

I haven’t seen much online about it really – I hope people start talking about it more because I’m a great believer in the power of knowledge sharing!

First published July 1st, 2013

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