A Guide To WordPress Security For Small Businesses

After recently writing about a variety of plugins we recommend small businesses should install on their website, I realised that having a security plugin is very important, and that website security deserves its own blog post. Not only can websites suffer from traffic and sales losses when hacked, but the loss of credibility can be… Read more »

Weekly Roundup – eCommerce Tips For Small Businesses

Recently, in our past blogs, we’ve been talking about changes in Google Ranking factors that will impact your website, to analysing the content development of particular websites. For this weekly roundup blog, I thought eCommerce would be a great topic to focus on. Below, I’ve included my favourite articles that are all about eCommerce tips… Read more »

Top Social Media Tools For Small Businesses On A Budget

From personal experience, I’ve found that many small businesses need to use tools that help to automate social media, without breaking the budget. The reason these tools are useful is because they can significantly help to reduce time on certain activities like posting tweets and Facebook posts. Instead, using these tools, you can schedule social… Read more »