What’s a CRM system and do I need one for my small business?

CRM stands for Contact Relationship Management. These days a CRM is likely to be a web application, or software you can install on your computer or server.

Do you need one? if you manage a small business or charity that wishes to build an ongoing relationship with your contacts (most businesses do because it take less effort to get repeat business than to get new business), then the answer is a resounding YES.

How to (let Google help you) get ready to network and tell a compelling story

Story-telling is an art. In preparation for a networking event, I knew I had to get the story of my business right for the occasion. With that in mind, I did some research to help me get my story together. I wasn’t born with it, seriously challenged person when it comes to holding a captive audience. But this stuff can be learned! thank god. I include some great resources to help you tell a good story.

About The Lean Startup, Agile Project Management, and how approaches to business can affect people

Thoughts of project management – traditional and agile. I’m reading and learning about “lean” and “agile”, and it’s exciting and very interesting to me, because just as I know the benefits of managing projects in traditional ways first hand, so I have noted the weaknesses of these approaches from time to time. Especially in relation to complex commercial website development projects.

Are there ever any short cuts to generating leads?

Lead generation can be a headache to small businesses, especially at the beginning before you get a chance to spread word-of-mouth. So what are your options as a small business looking to reach new audiences? Inbound marketing and SEO is one thing, but how about the more traditional ways of obtaining data? This post lists your options for data providers, with pros and cons.